Climate, Active, Cities. On January 28th 2015 we had a serie of sparkling talks to inspire the world with ideas for today and tomorrow.

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Climate, Active, City  

The theme of TEDxZwolle is Climate, Active, Cities. Using a wide variety of themes, TEDxZwolle inspires people to think about moving toward sustainable cities of the future. One approach is climate change and the effect of this on our cities. Some say the probability of weather extremes, such as drought and flooding, is increasing.  

In the Spatial Adaptation Delta Decision [Deltabeslissing Ruimtelijke Adaptatie of September 2014], it was agreed to structure the urban environment in the Netherlands as climate-resilient and water-robust as possible by 2050. But how do you do that? How do you prevent buildings, infrastructure, nature and our health from being damaged by weather extremes? How do you combine future-proof buildings and functions in a smart way? Another approach is people. Who takes which initiative to make the living environment more attractive and healthier? And how do you ensure successful partnerships in the urban environment?

The second edition of TEDxZwolle will take place in Nieuwe Buitensocieteit Zwolle 
on January 28th 2015. Make sure your calender is free!

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initiator Godelieve Wijffels " TEDx brings lots of ideas together for people and cities; to improve their lives and take care of our planet."


initiator Hans-Peter Benschop "TEDxZwolle = new ideas"


initiator Jeroen Buitenweg "It is important to create viral, livable cities which are capable to deal with all future climate changes".
Groot Salland Reest & Wieden Waterschap Rijn en IJssel Vallei en Veluwe Vechtstromen Zuiderzeeland

initiator Renate Postma "A good TEDx inspires! It gives a boost of energy that will help us build a climate active city together."


initiator Cheryl de Boer "TEDx enables the sience to come to the people. When this happens everybody wins."


initiator Pien Versteegh "TEDxZwolle: share knowledge and make each other strong. It takes two to tango!"


initiator Debora van der Pol “When we put our ideas together, when we trade, borrow, and acquire ideas from each other, we all win”


initiator Ivo Boerdam "Only new ways open new doors. To change lives and, ultimately, the world, I believe in the power of spreading new ideas."


initiator Arjan Duijn "Join TEDxZwolle and get inspired!"


initiator Johan Valstar Quote will follow soon.


initiator René Kollen Quote will follow soon.


initiator Joke Smit "TEDx Zwolle is a source of inspiration for innovation!"


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